A Freaky Doctor, Record Emmy Wins, and Scary Spoilers… Maybe…

Fix thine ears uponeth the Royal voices superior to angels and gods as you were…

Or take thine awaited auditory pleasures to a different “place” that exists only in thine wifi connection…


The Final Episodes of HBO‘s Game of Thrones feel like they are years away. The Royal Wait is growing worse than the wait for Season 6B of The Sopranos, but it beats waiting around for the “Book” that What’s-His-Name claims to be writing (monthly #GRRMbashing quota met!).

The Royal Mantra is to enjoy the wait for Season 8 because once it arrives, the series will be over before The Royal Realization comes. Essentially, this is the sweet spot- the time to feel good that The Final Episodes are in post-production and the only thing keeping them from The Royal Television is the time that will be filled with speculation and Royal Excitement…

But what if there was a huge spoiler that has been whispered upon the lips of Redditors and YouTubers since the Season 7 finale aired? Wouldst tho open Pandora’s Box?



Born amidst salt and smoke- Just off the Long Island Expressway- Beneath a bleeding star…

John and SeannieWan temp fate and expose themselves to the huge POSSIBLE spoiler… maybe. John can’t help himself and has been spoiling himself since the early 2000’s. SeannieWan has a bit more self-control but can’t pass an opportunity to have an edge in knowledge on non-book-readers.

Before #TPTWP get themselves stuck in the spoiler-y muck and mud, they take a look at the phenomenal victories that HBODavid BenioffD.B. Weiss, and the Game of Thrones production had at the 2018 Emmy Awards.

Was The American Tolkien at the Emmys? Did he get a statue to take home to further distract him from the task at hand? Did the producers of the Emmy Awards do yet another funny “bit” where the host or a presenter points him out in the audience and the director of the Emmy Awards says, “Take Camera 4!” into his headset so that the live broadcast on whatever stupid network gives us a medium close-up of The Great Procrastinator grinning like someone that is in over his head as he slaps at a fake typewriter on his lap with the sausage fingers of his ham-hock hands?

Maybe. #TPTWP didn’t watch because the only thing worse than Senor Martin grinning like someone that is in over his head is Hollywood sticking their celebrity noses up each other’s celebrity butts. But John and SeannieWan discuss the awards before they discuss possible spoilers… maybe… for The Final Episodes.

If tho don’t wisheth to hear thy spoilers… possible spoilers to be specific… maybe… be warned that spoiler talk begins at the 27:00-minute mark.

Yakkity Sax, which was the great music during the chase scenes in The Benny Hill Show, will play as a final warning. If you continue to listen after Yakkity Sax, prepare to possibly be spoiled… maybe…

But also prepare to experience intelligent, thoughtful, and entertaining conversation all about the possible spoilers… maybe…

If you wish to check out the possible spoilers from the source of the possible spoilers, The Royal Link is Right the F’ HERE.

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